Our Community

Our Community

There are a diverse range of people and groups that make up the Minster Community.

The people are the Church.  Everyone is welcome.

Our aim is to make everyone welcome at the Minster regardless of gender, race, sexuality, disability, culture or religion.

Elsewhere on this website you may already have come across our staff and choirs, however, visitors to the Minster may meet members of any of our other groups including: volunteer stewards, sidespeople, flower guild, servers, organ scholars, bell ringers and Friends of the Minster.

Members of the Flower Guild take a photo call during preparations for Christmas
Some of the Minster Stewards at their 10th anniversary tea being entertained by choristers
Friends of Doncaster Minster Afternoon Tea following the 2016 Memorial Concert
Visitors chatting to a Steward at the Heritage Open Day
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