The Minster Bells

How many bells does the Minster have?

There is a peal of eight bells, weighing 5.5 tons in total. The heaviest bell, the Tenor, weighs 1.5 tons alone. The bells were refurbished and recast just before the Second World War.

Ringing Team

We have been fortunate in the support of the Doncaster and District Society of Changeringers who have supplied bell ringers to ring for services, weddings, civic events and national initiatives. Recently they have been recruiting extra bell ringers to serve the Minster, other churches and in response to the national initiative, Ringing Remembers.

Ringing Remembers

Bell ringers, all over the country, rang on 11th November 2018 to mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice Agreement on 11th November 2018, at the end of the First World War (the Great War). Ringing Remembers was a national initiative to recruit as many bell ringers as those lost during the First World War some 1,400. This appears to have been a successful initiative as some 1,700 were recruited. Each new recruit has received a special badge to mark this special initiative. Some of those who ring at Doncaster Minster are amongst those recruited under this initiative.

Interested in the Minster Bells or want to ring at Doncaster Minster?

Enquiries are always welcome and visits can be arranged by calling the Minster Office on 01302 323748 or E mail: Doncaster Minster Office

Bells in the bell frame in the Tower at Doncaster Minster
Doncaster Minster Bells listed by weight and note.
Board in the Ringing Chamber which lists when they were re-cast and re-hung in 1940.
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