The Schulze Organ

The Schulze Organ

The organ in St. George’s Doncaster is the work of Edmund Schulze of Paulinzelle in Saxony, and dates from 1862, four years after the completion of the present church building.

The firm of Schulze had exhibited an organ in the Exhibition of 1851 and this marked the beginning of a wide influence in this country. The Doncaster instrument is their largest organ, to be compared with that of St. Mary’s, Lübeck in scale.

It has undergone several restorations:
1894 Messrs Abbot & Smith, of Leeds replaced the original blowing apparatus with a Shipley Gas Engine in a chamber 12Oft from the organ, a new console and action being provided.
1910 Norman and Beard of Norwich added a new solo department including a tuba, and also swell strings, a Great No. 1 large scale diapason, and tubular-pneumatic action.
1935 J. W. Walker & Sons replaced this largely with electro-pneumatic action, adding a new detached stop-key console.
1959 some of the action was restored, and the pedal organ placed on new sound boards.

The Schulze Organ is in working order and used for weekly services and there is a programme of monthly organ recitals. Check the Events page for details of all musical events.

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