Services and Prayers at Home

The Minster doors are now open for worship but, if you are unable to come to the Minster you can join in worship in a variety of different ways:

A Resource Booklet Prayer Resources for Ordinary Time is available for downloading and has daily prayers and a service to help us join in Spiritual Communion, with the Minster Clergy each Sunday at either 10am or 11am and to use for daily prayer throughout the week. The list of daily readings is provided on this page and in the booklet.

Join in with Holy Eucharist for  The Eighth Sunday after Trinity filmed live at the Minster.

Sunday 2nd August 2020   Resources for The Eighth Sunday after Trinity

11.00 am:       Holy Eucharist (Common Worship)
1st Reading:   Romans 9 1-5
Gospel:          Matthew 14 13-21

If you wish to join us for Live Morning Prayer on Sundays or Thursdays at 9am then Email: Doncaster Minster Office to ask for an invitation to join the service on Zoom. It doesn’t matter if you are not a member of the regular Minster congregation you are welcome to join the Minster community all worshipping together.

The form of service is one used by the Church of England Daily Prayer application, available on both Apple and Android phones. Please download the application before the service as it includes psalms, readings, prayers etc. If you do not have access to the C of E app then you are still welcome to join us.

Resources for this Week

Monday 3rd August

Morning Prayer
1 Samuel 14 24-46
Luke 23 13-25

Evening Prayer
Ezekiel 28 1-19
James 2 1-13

Tuesday 4th August

Morning Prayer
1 Samuel 15 1-23
Luke 23 26-43

Evening Prayer
Ezekiel 33 1-20
James 2 14-end

Wednesday 5th August

Morning Prayer
1 Samuel chapter 16
Luke 23 44-56a

Evening Prayer
Ezekiel 33 21-end
James chapter 3

Thursday 6th August

Morning Prayer
Ecclesiastes 48 1-10
1 John 3 1-3

Evening Prayer
Exodus 34 29-end
2 Corinthians chapter 3

Friday 7th August
Morning Prayer
1 Samuel 17 31-54
Luke 24 13-35

Evening Prayer
Ezekiel 34 17-end,
James 4 13-end & 5 1-6

Saturday 8th August

Morning Prayer
1 Sam 17 55-end &18 1-16
Luke 24 36-end

Evening Prayer
Ezekiel 36 16-36
James 5 7-end

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